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Expense Management


Expense Management System

Are you looking for a powerful system that enables you to keep track of your business or personal finances? Are you looking for a simple system that allows you to maintain and control your expenses, budget and income ? Look no further because we are here to empower you with a great system that empowers you to create multiple unlimited accounts and categories which guarantees efficiency for your operations.

Some benefits :
  • Completely keep track of all your income and expenses
  • You can set your own currency e.g NGN ₦, USD $, EUR €, etc....
  • We give you a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Fast loading and interaction
  • See totals and summaries of your income, expenses and available balance
  • Take control: You define which user groups can add entries
  • We give you a graphic report too…

Main Features of the System!

Manage Expense & Income

Take control and track all your income and expenses. Manage your finances and budget for your business all from the same ssytem from anywhere around the world.

Recurring expenses

Create recurring expenses to automate your expense creation process and let the system do all the repetitive tasks for you. Just Perfect!

Set Taxes

The system allows you to set the and define the taxes when creating a new expense. You can chose to display this info for the expenses or not and also the value (%0 can be set for the expenese. If you dont want to add taxes, you have the ability to disable this functionality from the backend and the taxes will not appear anywhere.

Multiple Users

You can set many users and link them to different account. This allow users to see only their expeses and not the overall expesnses in the system. You can set the permission to this at ease.


This system is compatible with different device format to makes it easy access on mobile phone, desktop, laptops or even tablets.

CSV and Excel export

It is now easy for you to export your list of expenses into CSV files to handle your accounting with your desktop software. This system gives you a great feature that allows you to export your list of invoices, taxes and other information into a CSV file format that can allow you to import it to other applications with ease.

Define your own accounts

You have the freedom to assign expenses to different accounts (eg. cash , bank transfer, credit ard, etc) to have all your activity classified in a perfect manner.

All in one Place

You keep all the vital information of the expenses together in one place with a lot of fields such as tax, external ref, description, attachments etc.

e-Mail Notification

Recieve e-mail notifications when a user creates or updates an expense to see all its details. You only need to activate the option from the backend and you will be notified when a user creates or updates an expense and you will have all the expense information in your mail.

The best solution for your financial record.

We help you re-design your website + our seamless EM-System to help you keep track of all your finances in an easy and efficient manner.


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